Star Wars Costumes and Props

It has been a childhoods-dream to own a Stormtrooper or even Darth Vader-Costume. Back then it was impossible but meanwhile many Costumes are available at fair prices. I used to own many costumes. Check out my tips and advices that I gathered with costume- and propbuilding.

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(not yet all translated)

Stormtrooper Costume
My first Stormtrooper-Costume (meanwhile sold)
Clone-Trooper Costume
My old Clonetrooper-Costume (meanwhile sold)
Imperial Gunner costume
My Imperial Gunner-Costume (meanwhile sold)
Tie Fighter Pilot costume
Costume of the Tie-Pilot with a DON-Post helmet (meanwhile sold)
Imperial Officer Costume
One of the last costumes I still have (will not sell)
Darth Vader Costume
Costume of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader with an official Don Post Helmet (meanwhile sold)
Darth Maul Costume
A cheap costume from Episode 1: Darth Maul
(meanwhile sold)
Selfmade C-3PO which I never finished but I could sell it to a fanfilm-project.
Life sized R2-D2 prop
My first R2-D2 built without blueprints and only with cheap materials (meanwhile sold)
Life Sized R2-D2 prop
My second R2 a little more professional (not for sale)
Black astromech droid
The black imperial R5-unit. Unforunately I had to sell it.
MSE-6 Mouse-Droid
MSE-6 Mouse-Droid remote-controlled. (meanwhile sold)
Powerdroid Prop
A simple costume that I just made for the Jedicon costume competition. (meanwhile sold)
X-Wing-Pilot Costume
Rebel-Pilot-costume. A costume where you can make allmost everything yourself. (not for sale)
Blastech E-11 Blaster Prop
A few years ago, I built a few blasters for sale. But since it is too much work, I will not build them any more.
Star Wars room
My Computer-room in StarWars-Look. Unfortunately it does not exist any more but it was used for many fanfilms.